Protocol Nr. 1216

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Name: B. L.
Gender: female
Place of birth: Huszt
Date of birth: 1914
Place of residence: Budapest
Occupation: housewife, wife of a joiner
Ghetto: Huszt
Camps: Wienerneustadt

The person in question has given us the following information: In the beginning of April 1944 I was taken to the ghetto in Huszt and I stayed there all the while. My family and I even got entrained there. I was expecting a baby at that time. I was one of the four expectant women in that cattle car, in which 70 people were crammed. In Királyháza a sergeant, named István Kulcsár released the four of us; it is to be noted that he wanted to help us escape from the ghetto in Huszt already, but he did not manage. The train stopped for a long time in Királyháza, that is how he could do it. From Huszt he followed the train by bicycle to Királyháza, where he entered into service. He did not want money for his help, but we could not have been able to pay him anyway, as we were poor. At Királyháza we started on the main road, wearing very light clothes, having nothing with us. We arrived in Nagyszőllős, where we somehow got clothes, then we walked to Ungvár. There we took a train, as we had got Christian papers still in Nagyszőllős, with the help of which we managed to travel to Budapest. Here in Budapest I got employed as a home help at 11, Garay Square. When the bills announcing that everybody must register appeared, I registered at the field of KISOK (National Center for High School Sport Clubs). We were dragged away through the brickyard to Székesfehérvár under the surveillance of Arrow Cross men, and from there further to Hegyeshalom, still on foot. There we were entrained and the four of us were taken to Wienerneustadt. The pains of childbirth came soon and I was taken to hospital, where I received good medical treatment. I gave birth there and I enjoyed proper hospital care. After being released from hospital I was assigned to work in a factory, but, since I had been found too week, I also worked in a kitchen, where I was provisioned and treated well. After the liberation a Russian car took all the four of us to Budapest.
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