Protocol Nr. 2594

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Name: G. G.
Gender: female
Place of birth: Gamás
Date of birth: 1898
Place of residence: Budapest
Occupation: housewife
Camps: Bergen - Belsen

The person in question has given us the following information: In November, the Arrow Cross took me away from a starred house. We had to get packed in 15 minutes with food supplies for 3 days. In pouring rain we lined up in Jókai Square and left the place for the brick factory of Óbuda. Arrow Cross men amused themselves here by shooting around and by frightening us in various ways. We spent an endless night crouched in the drying hall trembling in wet dresses. I was a protected person. With this reason I got out to the courtyard where we waited till 5 pm when delegates of the Swiss Embassy arrived and took us away. By the time we got to Pest it was already 10 pm. We wanted to spend the night in the building of the Hungarian National Jewish Aid Action in Bethlen Square but they did not let us in because they were full. They took us into Abonyi Street where there were two empty buildings, since all Jews had been taken away the day before. The Arrow Cross had collected the furniture and everything that was movable in two flats. The following morning at dawn they appeared to grab our belongings and noticed us. They took us into the air raid shelter and a young kid of the Arrow Cross followed us here with a gun and asserted that he was going to shoot the person who did not hand over the jewellery and money he or she possessed. Everyone gave him the last coins. They chased us into the Arrow Cross headquarters in Thököly Road. In the courtyard we had to undress leaving only the underwear or the slip on. We could not even have a handkerchief or glasses on us. This was how we were waiting there in the courtyard terribly nervous about the future. At a certain point a man appeared on the balcony and cried down that two places were freed in the lockup so they could take two other Jews. They picked two men and led them completely nude into the cellar. We received ragged, dirty clothes, and ragged men’s shoes, which came off our feet; and the ragged group began marching in biting wind towards the brick factory. They shot a great number of women on the way; women who tried to escape or could not carry on in the huge shoes. We spent the night again in the brick factory and I was singled out again because of my protected state. They led me back to Pest again. When we arrived in front of the Parliament an Arrow Cross group surrounded us, and drove us back towards the brick factory. I could not have suffered it another time, so I ran away in the street and entered a building protected by the sign of the Red Cross. I spent here one and a half weeks. We starved here a lot as we were not allowed to go out, and what Christians brought to us cost so much that we could not pay the price for it. One day, the Arrow Cross came and took us to Teleki Square and from there directly to the railway station of Józsefváros. We travelled for 2 weeks. We got no food till the Hungarian border; the first time we got food was from Germans. We got into a Sonderlager of Bergen-Belsen. We had quite a good life here, could do what we felt like, we only starved much and stood a lot during roll calls. When the Allies approached us they took us away by trains but Russians captured us at Dröbitz. We got off the freight cars and all of us were lodged in private flats. I fell sick with typhus and lay in bed till July. I got into the collecting camp of Doberlug, and now I have just arrived from there.
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