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Online database in English and Hungarian

The staff of the Hungarian Jewish relief organisation, National Committee for Attending Deportees (DEGOB), recorded the personal stories of approximately 5000 Hungarian Holocaust survivors in 1945-1946. On our website the complete (predominantly Hungarian) text and the scanned images of more than 3500 protocols can be found. Presently this is most extensive Holocaust testimonial online database in the world. In 2006, we commenced the translation of the documents into English.


With the help of the general and advanced search, any data (geographical and personal names or any given Hungarian or English expression) may be searched for in the collection. The topical search categorises the protocols by the most important historical aspects of the Holocaust.


To serve visitors (e.g., teachers and students in higher and intermediate education as well as scholars) who are interested in the fates of the survivors and certain Jewish communities, some thirty historical and sociological analyses based on the testimonies were authored. These brief studies, complemented by pictures, tables, and maps, were created to help to gather information about and to better understand the tragedy of Hungarian Jewry. They might also support Holocaust education in schools.


Every tenth victim of the Holocaust and every third victim of the largest Nazi extermination camp, Auschwitz-Birkenau, was a Hungarian Jew. The creation of this website is dedicated to and serves their memory.

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